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Second Opinions

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Each of the physicians at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida recommends getting a second opinion whenever surgery, medication or ongoing therapy is the proposed treatment. Second opinions are also advised when nothing is recommended, but patients suspect that something medically can be done. Patients should not feel bad if they want to seek a second opinion regarding their health. It is well within their right and they owe it to themselves.

Getting a second opinion is a common practice, and is encouraged by most doctors. It's likely that your health insurer or Medicare will help pay for the second opinion, because they, too, want to avoid unnecessary surgery.

If you’ve been referred for a surgical procedure, or if you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, be it diabetes, breast cancer or shingles, and would like to get a second opinion from the physicians at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital, located in Health Village, please call 407.303.7270 to request an appointment.