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Medication Management

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Many patients who have regular appointments at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital are managing a chronic illness. Quite often, the management of a disease requires regular therapy, treatments and medication. For this very reason, the internal medicine physicians at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital provide medication management to their Orlando patients.

In essence, medication management is the monitoring of medications our patients take to confirm that the patient is complying with a medication regimen, while also ensuring the patient is avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications. This is especially important for our patients taking large numbers of medications to address chronic illnesses and multiple diseases. Taking numerous medications is known as polypharmacy and it is particularly common among older adults, as they are more likely to need medications to manage an array of chronic conditions.

Aspects of Medication Management

  • Ensure proper use of medication
  • Keep track of all of the medications currently in use
  • Issue reminders
  • Fill pill cases
  • Mark lid of compartment with instructions (date or time to take dose)
  • Create printed lists describing medications, their dosages and how they are being used
  • Maintain patient charts and provide to patients to help them track the drugs they use and understand why various medications are being prescribed

A big part of medication management is proper patient involvement. Without medication management, serious, harmful side effects can occur. If a patient is taking many medications on varies days at different times, management is key to ensure optimal health is maintained.

If you’d like to learn more about how Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital manages simple or complex medication regimens, contact us.