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Diagnostic Specialties

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Every now and then a medical condition truly stumps doctors, as the symptoms are misleading or sporadic or simply so very rare. The doctors and residents at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital strive to maintain patient health and awareness of all conditions we treat, surgical options, and diagnosis and treatments available. However, when a rare or unusual medical condition presents itself, the diagnostic expertise available at the teaching facility are unmatched and invaluable.

Depending on your sex, age, medical history and family history, the United States Preventive Services Task Force states that certain disease screening tests are effective ways to prevent, detect early or cure certain conditions, such as colon disease. But when the disease is rare, such as Dengue Fever, a blood or neurological disorder, it takes the skill of a specialized practice on the cutting edge of the latest medical research to properly diagnose and treat.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for treatment or diagnosis of a chronic or unknown illness, please call Medicine Specialist at Florida Hospital at 407.303.7270.