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Acute Illness Treatment

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The physicians at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital understand that going to the doctor for many Orlando residents often means a sick visit. As internal medicine physicians, the practice provides comprehensive internal medicine care, preventive care and chronic and infectious disease management, including the treatment of acute illnesses, such as the common cold, flu, strep throat or infections, and even sunburn or earaches.

Depending on your symptoms, Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital may prescribe a variety of tests to accurately diagnose the acute illness. It is essential to determine if your skin condition is sunburn, poison ivy or shingles. Or is that tennis elbow, swimmer’s ear or a more in-depth ENT (ear nose throat) condition, such as a sinus infection or even an impacted or infected tooth that needs treatment. Once a proper diagnosis is established, the internal medicine doctors will better be able to prescribe follow-up care and continued treatment or management if necessary.

Florida Hospital recommends annual physicals and routine health screenings and tests to avoid acute illness, such as the flu shot. However, we all get sick, that’s just a part of life. But, each of the doctors does their best to promote healthy lifestyle choices, coupled with routine preventive care. This level of quality and concern is made possible through our philosophy of living healthy and providing care using the latest technological advances available to treat acute illness.

To learn more about the variety of acute illnesses that the physicians at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital can treat and manage, please contact us.