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Internal Medicine Online Resources

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Online Resources
The medical team at Medicine Specialists at Florida Hospital is often asked where to find reliable and comprehensive information about internal medicine, chronic and infection diseases, and preventive health issues. There are thousands of websites offering useful health care information, resources and services.

Many health care organizations provide a multitude of patient and caregiver information and resources to help educate and guide patients through every stage of life, as well as offer assistance to people who suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities.

Please keep in mind that just as medical science, technology and information changes quickly, the websites might too! The team at Medical Specialists at Florida Hospital put together the following list as a guide to provide further information on relevant internal medicine and preventive health topics.

For Information on your online patient medical records, please create an account.

For information on other various health care topics, the following websites are great places to start.



Web Link

Aging with Dignity

National Council on the Aging

NIH National Institute on Aging

NIH Senior Health




Web Link

Arthritis Foundation

NIH National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

Hospital for Special Surgery, Rheumatology Division




Web Link

American Cancer Society

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

End Women’s Cancer – National Race to End Women’s Cancer

FORCE -  Facing Our Risk of Cancer

Foundation for Women’s Cancer

Gynecologic Cancer Foundation


Canadian Cancer Society

I had cancer – a cancer support network

National Ovarian Cancer Association

NIH National Cancer Institute, Cancer Information Service

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 

The Sister Study (Study of Environmental & Genetic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Women’s Cancer Network


Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Foundation

Mayo Clinic Complementary & Alternative Medicine

NIH National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Taking Charge of Your Health



American Diabetes Association

Canadian Diabetes Association



Health Canada Physical Activity Unit

Strong Women


General Health and Wellness

American Osteopathic Association

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Everyday Choices for a Healthier Life

Family Doctor

Florida Hospital

Health Finder

Live Well. Learn How.

We bring Doctors’ Knowledge to You

My Pyramid (Choose My Plate)

National Health Council

National Library of Medicine

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Health and Human Services

US Food and Drug Administration



Headache Disorders

Migraine Resource Network

National Headache Foundation


Heart Health

American Heart Association



Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society

Menopause Management: Women’s Health Through Midlife & Beyond

The North American Menopause Society



American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

International Society for Clinical Densitometry

Osteoporosis Canada

National Osteoporosis Foundation 


Sleep Problems

National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Research Society


Weight Control

WIN Weight-control Information Network 

NIH Aim for a Healthy Weight

NIH Weight Control Information Network 

Obesity in America 

Shape Up America


Women’s Health

American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

American Urogynecologic Society


All about all the birth control methods.

Florida Hospital Women’s Services

Health Care for Women

Healthy Women

Informed. Empowered.

The Hormone Foundation

Hyster Sisters

My Pelvic Health

Take the Floor (Voices for PDF)

The National Women’s Health Information Center



Women’s Health